Welcome to Adspoint

Adspoint is a FREE, no-frills Classified Advertisement site, aimed primarily at the UK.

The site has been serving small-ads non-stop since 2002.

Due to a move to a new server, the opportunity has been taken to completely revise the system and its back-end.

It is now simpler to navigate the site and to select what you want to see more quickly.

We apologise for the time that the site has been down but trust that you will appreciate all the extensive development that has gone into making the new site operate smoothly.

Navigation Infomation

To get to view the adverts simply click the AREA button on the menu to select where you live, then select the type of adverts you want to see using the CATEGORY button.

At the top of the page you will see the area and category that you have selected. At the bottom of the page is a button that lets you go back to the previous page. Clicking the adspoint logo at the top left brings you back to this page.

To post an advert you must select the lowest-level area and the lowest-level category. Here you are given a green button that, when clicked, will present a form where you can give the details for your advert.

(Please make sure that you are in the best area and category before posting your advert).

Additionally, there is one special separate area All UK, intended for use by international and commercial clients who wish to display an advert to a wide audience. Selecting this area does not display adverts for all other areas within the UK. Adverts for the All UK area must be posted in a suitable category.

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